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Be aware of the risks in opening email attachments from unknown senders. Check the sender's name and originating email address. Check for spelling mistakes, or impersonal greetings. If uncertain, call us and we will confirm any suspicions. 

Welcome, where our motto is simply "Enjoy your computing experience!"

Support is just a phone call away. Within minutes we can be connected to your computer, helping you. Or, for more serious problems, we'll either call in or have your computer delivered to our office near Northam. We'll do everything we can, in the best possible time, to get your computer running and connected again. Need a new computer? You've come to the right place.

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The Classic IT Support badge represents outstanding
and unparalleled service and quality. "Classic" means:

•  Of highest rank or class.
•  Serving as an outstanding representative of its kind.
•  Having lasting significance or recognised worth. 

We operate as a not-for-profit oriented service business with offices near Northam in Western Australia.

See us for quality, custom-built computers, upgrades and repairs, A+ support with friendly, easy to understand solutions. We provide IT support and technical services, including localised domain hosting on robust infrastructure, including MessageWeek media streaming.

Our quotes are honest and competitive. Our computers are custom-built from premium components. Experience lifetime support with every new computer.

Free unlimited life-time support means that for the time that you own a Classic IT computer, you may call our support technicians as often as you like and be assured of a prompt, friendly and knowledgeable response.

We strive to give you the best possible service. Call us as often as you need help. Our support technician will give you the best advice possible, and if your computer requires servicing, arrange either a RTB pick-up or an on-site service call.

Remote support via Teamviewer is affordable and often immediate.

Spencers Brook

Quality computers, upgrades and repairs. Remote support, onsite service or return to our IT workbench.


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Messageweek Media Ministries

Media Streaming:

Our work in the past 27 years has also been in the technical and behind the scenes involvement in media streaming, not only in the IT infrastructure but also in production of over 950 online, good news long-form and shorts video.

Classic IT Support

Why Classic IT Support is your best choice:

Clear, easy-to-understand explanation of your computer problem
• Lifetime A+ Support with every new computer sold
• We always endeavour to return your phone calls or emails
• Competent and friendly telephone help when you need it
• Many testimonials from satisfied customers. Word-of-mouth advertising works!
• Generous support for everyone, either in person or remotely
• Always talk to the person who is familiar with your computing and business needs
• Variety of training seminars on key technology topics
• Reliable advice about current IT issues
• Helpful, trustworthy and honest complaint/dissatisfaction resolution
• Generous onsite initial PC setup with after sales complimentary support
• New computers undergo a 24 hour burn-in test prior to delivery and setup
• Over two decades experience in the PC industry
• Philanthropic, not-for-profit approach to business

Quality Computers, Upgrades and Repairs. Online A+ support. Friendly, professional & knowledgeable, with 27 year's computing experience.

Enjoy your computing experience!

28 Rose Terrace 
Spencers Brook, WA, 6401
(6 min from Northam)


Email: support(at)classicit.net
Mobile: 0417 177 683