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Quality Computers

We build your desktop computer from quality components. Whether for the office or home, or even dedicated for intense graphics and gaming, we can help. Require a new notebook or ultrabook? We'll give you the best quality advice and option available at a competitive price.


Intel i5 Desktop Computer

Intel i5 office computer using quality Asus mainboard, with primary Solid State Drive, and larger Hard Disk Drive for storage, Windows 10 for $1455. We'll also migrate the settings and data from your old computer, and assist setting it up and integrating it into your office or home.

Upgrade to an i7 CPU, larger SSD, with dedicated Nvidia graphics and extra memory, and enter the world of performance and gaming!

Need a notebook instead? Talk to us. There's a model and price to suit you perfectly.

Enjoy your computing experience!

MessageWeek Media streaming servers

 And, if you're in the market for a server, let's discuss those exact requirements. Many smaller businesses now see the need for greater security, backup and efficiency.

We'll be glad to help!

Pictured are our two premium media streaming servers. These work 365 days a year, providing you the reliability and capability expected in today's demanding environments.


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